April 22, 2022


  • You can now search for an individual (e.g. by name, student number, phone number, etc) at any time by typing in the ‘seach’ text field on the left. This subtle change really accelerates work with the system.
  • Data import is considerably more powerful. Clicking ‘Advanced’ shows a dialog offering:

- Rules. “If the column ‘grade’ contains ‘sta’ then set ‘role’ to ‘staff’”.

- Blanket rules: “Set ‘ASB Member’ to ‘true’”. Use this when given a list of individuals whose presence in the list means something, e.g. “these people bought a yearbook” or “these people now have a parking pass”.

- Match Vs. Import. When importing data, as during a trade show, you often find that people use formal names (“Michael”) during a master import and then informal names (“Mike”) during subsequent surveys. High5 would already match these two names automatically (with our support for nicknames). Now, you can choose whether “Mike” should overwrite “Michael” or simply be used to match the individual with updated information in the rest of an imported CSV.-

  • Icons can now be set for folders. Example: Courage Connects now has a logo for the collection of social services links that CC represents.
  • Referees, who oversee games between two teams without being a member of either, are now supported correctly: an ‘official’ role now exists, which gives access to personal page tools such as game controls. This allows referees to find and assume control of games happening anywhere within their conference/region/league.
  • ‘Take Attendance’, normally shown under teacher tools in personal pages, is now hidden if no courses have been configured – to reduce clutter.
  • Surveys, and Personal Pages, now appear in the ‘tools’ drop-down menu. They were previously somewhat hidden behind settings > org settings > advanced settings.
  • Organizations now inherit some fields from the teammate that is creating them [country, state, city, timezone].
  • The list of actions that can be applied to an individual (from the database page) has been sorted for clarity.
  • In individual details, changing the ID Status (e.g. to ‘inactive’) takes effect immediately. Before today, you had to click ‘save’ for the individual’s ID to stop working.
  • When working with sports teams, the database table shows ‘jersey number’ instead of ‘grade’.
  • In the details for an individual, the presentation of multi-year photos has been improved: the dropdown list indicates years with photos available (with ‘*’); < and > buttons were added to easily navigate from year to year.
  • External links in personal pages can now be tracked; e.g. if a student follows a link to a photography studio website, that information is tracked and graphically presented in the school’s dashboard.
  • Updates to passes: we’ve added 5- and 10-minute expirations. Students can now tap “I have arrived” on their pass to indicate that the pass is not longer needed.

Bug Fix

April 22, 2022


  • Newly-created sports teams not seeing sports tools: Fixed.
  • Digital ID Only licenses are now prevented from editing design variations or making use of the ASB field when picking a design variation for an individual.
  • ‘Settings’ was disabled for a sports league region account: Fixed.
  • 2-Factor Authentication has been hardened to prevent attack by determined hackers.
  • The camera icon shows a large ‘play’ button when scanners are first opened: Fixed.
  • Telemetry from camera errors during DIY Capture now appears on root admin dashboard.
  • In the database page, the ‘ID Status’ filter is not reset when you click ‘show all’: Fixed.
  • White text on white while entering DIY capture information: Fixed.
  • SMS failure to deliver was not reported in High5 interface: Fixed.
  • Sex offender lookup missing from details for visitor in reception area: Fixed.


April 13, 2022

New Features

  • The ‘face’ of High5.ID has changed: A dashboard is now shown when logging into a school or teammate admin page. Among the real-time details the top-level page conveys: Number of students and visitor crossings today, a graph of when entries/exits are happening, statistics on how many photos have been captured / approved, usage of personal pages / digital ID / individual lookup… etc etc. This fulfills the promise of High5 giving real-time insight into what’s happening at your school.
  • 2-Factor Authentication has been added, to enhance system security. Users can be required to confirm (on their mobile device, using their personal pages) that they are indeed logged into the system. This security preference can be set to confirm users never, every 2 or 4 hours, or daily. An administrator changing their own contact information will now need to confirm on their phone. To try this function out, look under settings > security and privacy.