Bug Fix

November 16, 2021


  • Unnecessary visitor badges are being printed when kids are picked up by parents: Fixed
  • Reception button not flashing when somebody is at the kiosk: Fixed.
  • Reception page sometimes requires manual refresh to see new visits: Fixed.
  • Parents but not kids are shown in reception area after parent pickup: Fixed.
  • Reporting years can be created with same name as existing years: Fixed.


November 15, 2021

New Features

  • The visitor tracking kiosk now recognizes vaccination cards and will automatically add individuals when a vax QR code is held up to the kiosk scanner. New Jersey, New York, and California cards work today; as other states add Smart Health Cards, they too will work.
  • Organizations can now be merged, for example to heal after inadvertently creating two versions of a given school. Teammates should look in the ‘edit organization’ page.


November 15, 2021


  • It’s now considerably faster to create an organization: we do the heavy lifting for you. When you create a new organization (either as a teammate, or using self-serve org creation located at, you need only enter a few letters of the school’s name; using a built-in database, we automatically fill out the complete name, time zone, main phone number, street address, and even the “plus code” location for geofencing. Enjoy!
  • The feedback shown while configuring an export has been updated to clarify how individual & image counts are arrived at.
  • The page that handles configuration of ‘reasons for a student or visitor to enter or leave campus’ has been completely rebuilt. Each reason now has a direction (entry or exit), and you have more control over what is displayed (“why are you arriving late?” for a tardy student, for example).
  • Exporting to PDF/JPG now supports four sort fields, with “role” set as the default. This enabled you to print all student cards, then all staff cards (needed by some production systems).
  • The existing tools to roll databases over to start new years have been expanded with photo options: Keep Photos (allowing new selfies), Keep Photos (do not allow new selfies), and Remove.
  • The reception area shows a count column, allowing the receptionist to know at a glance how many individuals have been through today.
  • When a student or visitor chooses a crossing type (“I’m leaving for an offcampus lunch”) which only has one reason (“privilege for good marks”), the reason is not asked – it is assumed.
  • Rendering has been optimized.