May 27, 2021

New Features

  • Event Tracking is here! Run ticketed- or open-door events such as graduations, school plays, dances, and field trips. Create public pages and charge credit cards, or offer tickets to selected individuals (e.g. the graduating class only) via personal pages. Scan tickets at the door with any phone or laptop, no app required. This is a seriously powerful solution, completely integrated with High5’s database and reporting tools.
  • Database turnover tools added. As one year ends and the next begins, you’ll appreciate tools that let you automatically keep only undergraduates and visitors with dependents at the schools, clear teacher fields, and increment grades.
  • Geolocation is now supported for touchless student & visitor tracking. Long before arriving at the school, students & visitors can set up their reasons for being late / visiting – and the receptionist only has to consider their request when their phone enters a school-defined “fence” radius from the school’s location.


May 27, 2021


  • When “forgot password” is clicked, the user can now choose a method (sms/email) and a recipient for the reminder (individual/guardian).
  • Hall passes can now be closed when the student arrives in class / leaves the building.
  • When editing designs, you can now switch to any known design instead of only those with matching orientations.
  • “Retired” individuals are not deleted or marked as deleted; they are moved to archives. This keeps databases lean and provides security in case of user error.

Bug Fix

May 27, 2021


  • Export fails if org name includes special characters (St Paul’s): Fixed.
  • Teammate ~^tags~^ not working in emails: Fixed.
  • Intermittent “invalid design ID” when responding to DIY invite: Fixed.
  • Individual not found in org-level lookup page even when correct student ID number used: Fixed.
  • Phone numbers extracted from incoming SMS do not match existing “human-readable” phone numbers: Fixed.
  • Shortened URLs sometimes had extraneous endings added by users or spam control systems at schools, resulting in “page missing” errors. Text after the URL code is now ignored.
  • Multiple messages sent to iOS/safari users when “forgot password” clicked: Fixed.
  • Clicking ‘approve’ in reception does not work after doing a sex offender lookup: Fixed.
  • The safety card survey now wires up correctly with new individual fields (eye color, hair color, etc).
  • A role of “student ” (with trailing white space) confused import: Fixed.
  • Yearbook deadline not respected on desktop safari: Fixed.
  • The list of known organizations in touchless visitor tracking appeared truncated / covered by keyboard: Fixed.