June 17, 2021

New Features

  • Aeries Integration. After connecting High5 using the standard Aeries method (the security API tab in the Aeries interface), you will find that “database > Import from SIS” pulls all known individuals directly into High5. You’ll get name, grade, photo, date of birth, email and guardian information. This is the first of much to come with direct, seamless integrations with SIS systems. It’s a gamechanger.
  • Self-service registration. Consider a football league, where adults volunteer to coach teams. They are not visitors and their accounts were not created by importing a database of known users as in a school; rather, they are declaring themselves interested in joining and must now be vetted. Texting the word “Register” to 58135 will now collect contact and photos to create an account, then go through a survey collecting whatever registration information your organization requires. The result is an individual whose role is “applicant”, which is to be converted to “staff” or similar when you have determined that they are suitable to join.


June 17, 2021


  • Returning visitors to touchless visitor tracking are now recognized by their phone number; they do not need to log back into the school, they wind up “in the right place” automatically.
  • The 3D “flipping card” effect in digital ID polished with enhanced visuals and left/right swiping.
  • Setting up a kiosk involves configuring printing – which means collecting dymo drivers, setting no-dialog printing, and configuring the print to use the right paper size. This process is now supported with a user interface (settings > device setup > printing setup).
  • Taxation is now calculated based on what is being purchased (physical cards? Software?) from which state, being shipped to which state.
  • Background graphics for ID cards now rotate to match the card’s orientation (landscape/portrait) instead of stretching.
  • The “School” section not shown in ind details if the organization type is not a school.
  • The “back” button in visitor tracking allows the user to navigate out of a particular organization, e.g. a substitute teacher moving between schools is not locked into one particular organization.
  • Surveys can now include links to personalized pages. For example after filling out a safety card survey, mom can immediately purchase a card from a storefront via a PURL.
  • The landing page login now displays logos for the organization, the teammate, and High5.
  • The incoming number for SMS varies by country; in the US it’s 58135, while in the rest of world it is 617 500 6084. The field org.incomingSMS therefore switches based on the country specified in the organization’s shipping address.

Bug Fix

June 17, 2021


  • Freeze while taking photo for touchless visitor tracking: fixed.
  • First-time DIY capture individual is told “your photo is already awaiting review”: Fixed.
  • Double entries in ‘inherit from’: Fixed.
  • Home pages for users of unconfigured types (e.g. “applicant”) are now handled gracefully.
  • Multi-word org searches now work correctly. For example search for ‘tri city kings’ by search for ‘tri c’ now finds it (as expected).
  • Visitors that were created manually by the admin, who *then* tried to check in, were not asked for a photo: fixed.
  • Renaming an individual does not modify the ‘last modified date’: Fixed.
  • PWA hangs at ‘loading’ when that individual’s account has been deleted from server: Fixed.
  • Quickstart ‘agreements’ tab has odd layout: Fixed.
  • “Inherit from” choice for a new organization does not “stick”: Fixed.
  • Admin email ID remains in use even after deleting an organization: Fixed.
  • Quotation marks in names (Joe “mad dog” Jones) cause issues when exporting and rendering: Fixed.