July 17, 2021

New Features

  • Photo studios using PLIC (a cloud image management solution from Photolynx/ImageQuix) can now effortlessly create and populate High5 organizations. When licensed correctly, creating a school in PLIC will create an organization in High5… and importing subjects into the PLIC school will populate the org in High5. The result is completely automatic digital ID, literally without clicking a button.
  • Passes are now fully supported (hall pass, parking permit, etc). Students can look at a list of currently-valid passes (e.g. if they arrive late at the school and navigate away from their late pass, they can now easily find it again). Teachers using ind lookup on their phones can assign passes to students; administrators can also do this from the ‘individual details’ page. Tools to create pass types, and manage which designs are associated with them, are provided.
  • Touchless Visitor Tracking and DIY Photo capture now support multiple languages (starting with Spanish).
  • Roles [staff/student/visitor/etc] are now customizable per Organization Type. For example we can distinguish teachers from staff and guardians from other visitors.
  • Surveys and quizzes that a given individual has completed can now be viewed in Ind Details. Suppose the application process for a sports team coach requires a ‘pass’ on several quizzes; their progress through the application process can now be seen at a glance.


July 17, 2021


  • It’s now much easier to add the High5.ID web page to home screens on mobile devices. This helps students, staff and visitors return to their personal pages. We offer to save a shortcut automatically, and the = menu includes a “save shortcut to home screen” option that can be used at any time.
  • Teammates can now find Organizations by searching for admin email addresses (in addition to Organization names).
  • Users can now reset their own passwords and update their contact details from their personal pages.
  • Visitors have personal pages. Those pages now include a unified “visit now” button, which can be edited in the home pages configuration page, enabling a returning visitor to check in for a new visit.
  • Messaging is growing in sophistication. The main admin panel now includes a ‘messages’ section, which shows incoming notifications and messages from the system: when an organization is about to run out of SMS message credits, or has a license that will expire shortly, messages will appear in this area. The “Give Feedback” button now sends a message to the High5.ID administration team using this mechanism.
  • Sports leagues now create a default region and conference to streamline startup for smaller leagues.
  • A “Spinner” is shown during image upload, giving feedback that the upload is underway.

Bug Fix

July 17, 2021


  • Event tracking: The ‘available tickets’ page lists events that the individual has already purchased a ticket for: Fixed.
  • The Date controls in data table now behave more sensibly; they reset when expected, do not reset when you do not expect them to, etc.
  • Strangely small image sometimes shown in DIY Capture instructions: Fixed.
  • Intentionally low-resolution capture produces odd DIY Capture layout: Fixed.
  • Resetting review & approval status at empty school produces a freeze: Fixed.
  • Freeze when geofencing turned on in Student Tracking: Fixed.
  • Freeze when looking up an individual: Fixed.
  • Message template fields are not saved if their contents are cleared: Fixed.
  • Sending a personal page link to an individual who has no known contact information shows a blank dialog: Fixed.
  • The settings used in a previous run are not re-used when exporting without checking options first: Fixed.
  • Cancelling the upload of a background to the variations editor produces a blank page: Fixed.
  • Deleted items do not stay deleted when configuring Home pages: Fixed.