May 12, 2022


  • Data import now supports Rules: “if an individual is present in the CSV file I’m importing, then mark them as an ASB member”.
  • Individual Lookup tool now displays QR and barcodes for individuals. Use case: a library worker looks up a young student 2 by name. They can now see that student’s barcode and scan it into a legacy library system.
  • Diagnostics. The first time you open High5 on a new computer, we test out communications and report any errors we encounter. This will save time & energy for support staff.
  • Team Managers now see their list of managed organizations in alphabetical order.
  • Sending “login” to 58135 allows an individual to log into their personal page without being required to take a selfie for their ID.
  • The page asking mobile users to choose their organization has been made prettier.
  • The admin interface handles low-resolution displays better: the menu bar shows icons when there’s insufficient room to show complete menu names, the popup list of results does not cover the search field while typing, and ‘Show all’ can now be clicked without scrolling.
  • Many improvements for sports. Coaches and Refs now have end-of-game forms (e.g. MVP, penalties). Game checkin has been improved: there are now tabs representing not-yet-seen players, checked-in players, and reasons for absences (injured, etc).
  • When allocating license bundles, teammates now see the number of individuals present at the organization– making it easier to choose the right license size.
  • When searching for individuals by name, we sort the list by first then last name – making it easier to find people in the results list.
  • ‘Sent messages’ are now reported in the dashboard.
  • The generic scanner now displays instructions, supported typed entry of individual names, and presents results with a simpler user interface.
  • Grade & Discipline not required when creating a course for attendance tracking.

Bug Fix

May 12, 2022


  • Hall passes given to tardy students do not appear in the list of passes shown in individual details: Fixed.
  • User’s choice of camera for scanner not saved between uses: Fixed.
  • Camera permissions error after using scanner on multiple tabs, or after using a mix of scanners (ticket, individual lookup, entrance scanner): Fixed.
  • Event Tracking not accessible from the dashboard: Fixed.
  • User management not accessible for sports teams: Fixed.
  • New sports teams not given correct license bundle: Fixed.
  • User choosing “take new selfie” routed back to login page: Fixed.
  • Aeries import reports wrong individual count: Fixed.
  • Sports team roles (staff, player, …) not shown in user management for sport teams: Fixed.
  • Region & conference empty when sports association selecting venues: Fixed.
  • Double-click on ‘render to PNG’ produces multiple rendered cards, some with missing images: Fixed.
  • Search results cover search box when using low-resolution display: Fixed.
  • The list of available tags not working when writing a new message in the communications area: Fixed.
  • Cards for just-created sports team show “please configure year”: Fixed.
  • Personal page requires manual refresh to respond to change in user’s role: Fixed.
  • Quote of the day is too big relative to personal page controls: Fixed.
  • Freeze when looking at list of games after deleting a player: Fixed.
  • End-of-game controls not shown to coach when ref ends a game prematurely: Fixed.
  • Incorrect SMS short code shown in organization details: Fixed.
  • Deleting a pass as an Administrator does not immediately remove it from a student’s phone: Fixed.
  • A behavioral incident assigned to a student does not appear in that individual’s details page as viewed by a teacher: Fixed.
  • Wrong date shown for a game during checkin: Fixed.
  • Teammates cannot access ‘Designs’ from the new dashboard: Fixed.


April 22, 2022

New Features

  • High5 can now collect photos from social media based just on email addresses; if you import data for an organization and click ‘collect photos from public profiles’ in the data area, you’ll find that many individual photos will be updated automatically.
  • A new scanner type, “custom scanner”, allows you to scan badges to accomplish configurable tasks quickly. Examples: at an ASB desk, when a student pays to join the ASB, scan their student card to immediately mark them as ‘paid’ (because the scanner is configure to set ‘ASB Member’ to ‘yes’). At a yearbook desk, when a student shows up to collect their yearbook, you can both check and update their yearbook status (changing it from paid to received, for example).
  • You can now SMS the word ‘login’ to High5 (e.g. 58135 in the US) to log into your personal page. For reference, this verb is peer to ‘register’ (which means, apply to be a staff member), ‘visit’ (create an account in the high5 visitor tracking system), ‘checkin’ (get a lanyard printed at a High5 exposition),  and ‘ID’ (take a selfie for your ID).